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Beihdja Rahal and Ensemble

Arab-Andalusian Music of Algiers

Venue: Cadogan Hall

Little known in the western classical music repertoire, Algiers-Andalusian music has recently been introduced to concert halls in France and by the Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Society in England (LACCS-UK) and the Embassy of Algeria in England. Tonight LACCS-UK and Beihdja Rahal bring to London for the first time this unique repertoire of classical Arab-Andalusian songs, part of Algeria’s cultural heritage.

Beihdja Rahal possesses the artistic skills to perform and sing this complex music, balancing her voice and instrumental playing perfectly with the string ensemble. Beihdja Rahal was born in Algiers to a family of musicians who performed Arab-Andalusian music, learning from their experience and knowledge of this complex art of singing and playing instruments.

Tonight’s concert is a classical musical representation of the Maghreb’s musical traditions, dating back to the Medieval Arab Kingdom of the Spanish Peninsula, including some of the best Arab-Andalusian pieces of Algiers’ medieval and 18th-century music traditions.

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LACCS-UK & Embassy of Algeria
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