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City of London Sinfonia



The Magic Flute Overture
Gwilym Simcock
new commission for clarinet and orchestra
Gwilym Simcock
Cumbrian Thaw
Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral)


Michael Collins
Gwilym Simcock
John Sessions

The Orchestra and Principal Conductor, Michael Collins, are joined by the up and coming star of the jazz world, composer and pianist, Gwilym Simcock, to perform his new work for orchestra and Cumbrian Thaw, a piece inspired by Gwilym’s time in the mountains and fells of the Lake District.

In contrast, two of the leading composers of the Enlightenment era, Beethoven and Mozart, offer their responses to the Natural and Supernatural worlds through Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony and extracts from Mozart’s much loved opera, The Magic Flute.

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