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DREAM/VIS with Dan Puric

A one man show

Venue: Cadogan Hall

Tales Told in Romanian and The Passe-Partout Company present the famous Romanian actor, dancer and performer Dan Puric in an exceptional one-man show that has thrilled audiences and critics alike: DREAM/VIS.

DREAM/VIS combines pantomime, acting, performance, dance and powerful moments of silence and highlights the extraordinary talent of Puric, his fascinating artistic vision and unique sensibility.

“The actor’s body tells a whole collection of stories, taking the audience on a journey reminiscent of ’1001 Arabian Nights’. In this show I put all my dreams together. Some, I have travelled the world with, and others, I simply prayed with. I offer them all to you now” – Dan Puric.

Concert Duration:
approx. 1½ hours (no interval)
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