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Geomungo Factory

Serious presents K-Music 2013

The first-ever British concert by Korean cult legends Geomungo Factory, who’ve taken the geomungo – an ancient form of zither, played with a stick – and explored its future as well as its past. ‘You can’t make innovations if you don’t know the tradition’, they say, so the first half of this concert explores the throbbing, percussive, cello-like sounds of four geomungos. They let rip in the second half with their own compositions – dark, fascinating pieces that seem to evoke the sound world of Steve Reich, and include new instruments that they have created.

‘The music of Geomungo Factory sounds very contemporary and very ancient at the same time. A deep, muscular sound, both percussive and melodic, is at the heart of their musical world.’ (Simon Broughton, Songlines)

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