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Vivaldi's Griselda

Opera Settecento




Opera Settecento
Hilary Summers
Griselda (contralto)
Andrew Watts
Roberto (counter-tenor)
Erica Eloff
Ottone (soprano en travesti)
Ronan Busfield
Gualtiero (tenor)
Kiandra Howarth
Costanza (soprano)
Tom Verney
Corrado (counter-tenor)
Thomas Foster
Miranda Jackson
artistic director

Just as Handel was not merely a composer of oratorio and music to be performed on a ceremonial barge, there is so much more to Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) than The Four Seasons. One of the best preserved of Vivaldi’s 50 or so operatic scores is Griselda, which was premiered in 1735 at Ascensiontide in Venice.

Griselda was performed for the first time in the modern era at Buxton Opera House in 1983, since when it has received no further performances in the United Kingdom. This performance will be the UK premiere of the scholarly edition of Griselda produced by G. Ricordi & Co. of Milan. Opera Settecento has assembled a cast of three young singers with huge potential alongside three singers of international renown.

‘We hear arias whose texts refer to storms, birds, arrows, and sleep, each with appropriate musical illustrations familiar from Vivaldi’s concertos… In many Baroque operas, the recitatives slow the action down, but in Griselda, we hang on every word and every note. This opera does not have a single tedious phrase in it.’ (Raymond Tuttle)

‘A Vivaldi opera is one in which every aria is a flood of melody, with wave after wave of sonic splendors succeeding one another.’ (

‘The music is wonderful, like a climate-changed Four Seasons with dazzlingly ornate vocal lines.’ (Time Out Sydney)

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