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London Chinese Philharmonic Choir

The Yellow River Cantata


Guang Wei Ran, Xian Xing Hai
The Yellow River Cantata (UK premiere)
Liu Xue An, Pan Jie Nong
Great Wall Ballad
Zhang han Hui
The Songhua River
Bolangteer, Isakovsky
Rodgers & Hammerstein
Charles Parker
We’ll Meet Again
Nie Er, Xu xing zhi
A Miserable Female Singer
Xian Xing Hai, Sai Ke
In February
Colonel Alford
Bogey March
He Lv Ting
Guerrilla’s Song
Bella Ciao
Fang Ding Hao
Red Blossoms
Lu Xiu Tang

The London Chinese Philharmonic Choir commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II and the Chinese people’s War of resistance in this evening’s concert.

Organised by LCPC’s Board led by Chairman Mr Yee Cheung Hui and the Artistic Director Mr Bo Wang, this commemorative evening includes a varied repertoire from The Yellow River Cantata through to We’ll Meet Again. It is presented by a host of established artists including Marie Angel, Bo Wang, He Wu, Cao Qun, Gen Li , Lin Lin, Cheng Yu, Emas Au, David Yu, Stone Chan, William Ng , Hai Bo Zhao, Michael Mao, Xue Jiao Fu, Wei Jia Gao, Seth Richardson, Wei San Hu and more.

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