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On the Wings of Global Improvisation

Davod Azad, master of Iran’s mystical music


Davod Azad
David Wright
Jorge Bravo
flamenco guitar
Marcel Mamaliga
Sirishkumar Manji

Davod Azad is a prominent master of Iranian music who is based in Tehran, Iran. A vocalist, composer and instrumental musician, he is a virtuoso in playing tar, setar, tanboor, oud, daf and robab.

His musical source is the classical Iranian modal system (Dastgah) and the Tradition (regional) Maqam musical form. He is admired for his unique singing style, which integrates classical and modern spiritual elements, and for his improvisation, which brings a contemporary sensibility to a traditional musical format. For the last 30 years Davod has performed in Sufi gatherings around the world, and his compositions to the poems of Rumi are known for their healing and uplifting effect.

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