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Opera Prelude Spring Lecture Season

Where did all the semiquavers go?


  • with Alberto Sousa, tenor

The technical changes in the tenor voice during the 19th century and their stylistic consequences.

Opera is for everyone whether you are new to opera or a seasoned aficionado! You do not need to be an expert to enjoy our performance based lectures. Of course, the more you know, the more there is to enjoy! With that in mind we aim to make each class informative, interactive and entertaining, offering singer’s insights illustrated with live performance and well known recordings. These lectures form the bridge across the footlights, bringing you nearer to opera singers and their diverse, enriching art form; increasing your knowledge and enjoyment of opera.

No qualifications are necessary to attend. The audience is not required to sing!

Part of Opera Prelude Spring 2013 Lecture Season

Opera Prelude Spring Lecture Season

A series of three lectures on Puccini's 'big three', with Rosalind Coad, soprano.

Opera Prelude Spring Lecture Season

Lecture on 'The Transition from Impressionism to Romanticism', with mezzo-soprano Adriana Festeu.

Opera Prelude Spring Lecture Season

Lecture on 'The Buffa Works of Donizetti - the man, the music and the modern day', with tenor Joe Morgan.

Opera Prelude Spring Lecture Season

Series of three lectures on 'The Triumph of German Opera' with mezzo-soprano Adriana Festeu.

Concert Duration:
2 hours
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