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Polish Chamber Music Gems

In Memory of Andrzej Panufnik (1914-1991)


Kurpian Songs Op.58 (selections); String Quartet No. 2, Op. 56
Roxanna Panuknik
Second Home (arranged for piano, string quartet and voice)
Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 34


Olga Pasichnyk
Kevin Kenner

One of the most potent and alluring voices in 20th-century Polish music features in the first half of this concert, with Szymanowski’s Kurpian Songs reflecting his fascination for his country’s folk tradition, the Second String Quartet testifying to his determination to thrust Polish music on to the international stage, with the tang and rhtymic impetus of the local music of the Tatra mountains.

The Piano Quintet by Juliusz Zarebski, dedicated to Liszt, opens up vistas of Polish Romanticism, while Roxanna Panufnik’s Second Home, in a new version for piano quintet and voice, recalls her Polish roots in its cunning variations on a rural tune.

Sponsored by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

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