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Rachael Young & the Russian Virtuosi of Europe

Masterworks from Moscow


Moz-Art à la Haydn
Piano Concerto No.1
Serenade for String Orchestra


  • Russian Virtuosi of Europe
Vestard Shimkus
Rachael Young

The Russian Virtuosi of Europe (RVOE) brings together some of the finest Russian string players working in London today together with new conducting talent schooled in the Russian tradition – Rachael Young. The aim is to bring the spirit of Russian music-making to London with a performance that engages the audience emotionally, psychologically and intellectually.

Leading international pianist Vestard Shimkus plays Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No.1, with Philipp Hutter on trumpet, while violin soloists Natalia Lomeiko and Yuri Zhislin feature in Schnittke’s Moz-Art à la Haydn in a concert that marks the start of a major collaboration between Rachael Young and the RVOE.

‘Ms. Young, a native of New Zealand living and conducting in London, compels attention with her exacting baton, facial expressions and confident manner…’

Mary E. Hutton, Music in Cincinnati

‘A very imaginative musician of great integrity and insight.’

William Pleeth

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