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Sinfonia da Chiesa and Sussex Festival Choir

An Evening of Beethoven


Violin Concerto
Choral Fantasy
Symphony No.7


David Lavers
Bartosz Woroch
Stephen Hope

The Choral Fantasy is an exciting creation for piano, choir and orchestra often considered to be a sketch and precursor to the Ode to Joy from the last movement of the Ninth Symphony. Starting with piano solo before full orchestra and choir join for the ultimate musical climax.

By contrast the Seventh Symphony is a grand work both in content and scale. Described by Richard Wagner as the ‘apotheosis of the dance’, it contains a colourful mixture of rhythms and harmonies. Beethoven’s creative energy can be heard in all four movements.

David Lavers and Stephen Hope have teamed up for tonight’s performance to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society – a portion of any seat sold will go to the charity.

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