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Tagore's Travelling Trunk

Venue: Cadogan Hall


  • Souvid Datta – narrator
  • Soumik Datta – sarod/vocals
  • Sangeeta Datta, Rosabella Gregory, Sasha Ghosal & Pramita Mallick – vocals
  • Aindrilla Ghosh, Sejuti Dass & Purbita Mullick – dance
  • Sandip Chakraborty – tabla
  • Abu Erman – keyboard
  • Sandip Sen – guitar

An enchanting performance combining music, dance and poetry that explores the musical influences on one of India’s greatest minds. During his travels, Tagore absorbed the classical, folk and Sufi music of India including the Sikh Sabadhs from Amritsar, devotional music from the south and folk music of Gujarat. During his travels across the United Kingdom he encountered opera, parlour music and Irish & Scottish folk music.

The evening includes some of Tagore’s operatic work, new music composed for a selection of his poems with dance, plus an exclusive screening of excerpts from films on tribal music from across India.

Films produced, directed and introduced by Soumik Datta.

A Baithak creation. Produced by the Asian Music Circuit.

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