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Tanita Tikaram

Can't Go Back

With special guest, the Welsh songwriter Al Lewis.

Tanita Tikaram, multi-million selling British singer-songwriter, who shot to fame with her award winning album Ancient Heart in 1988, featuring hit songs ‘Twist In My Sobriety’ and ‘Good Tradition’, returns with her seventh studio album Can’t Go Back. Released in the UK on August 27, Tikaram’s new album has been preceded by the release of ‘Dust On My Shoes’ as a single.

‘I’ve always wanted to write a song like ‘Dust On My Shoes’, which will be the first single and is a simple freedom song. The word ‘freedom’ becomes more and more important to me – in every choice, every political & moral decision and the attempt to live in a free way I find very moving. Hopefully, on the album you hear it in the playing, too!! ‘Can’t go Back’ is the song that best sums up the spirit of the album… the desire to live in the moment & the temptation to revise the past. I can’t wait to get out there and start playing the new songs to everyone!’ (Tanita Tikaram)

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