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The Bevan Family Consort

'Salve sancta parens'

Venue: Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square, SW1X 9BZ


da Fabriano
Missa Salve sancta parens (modern premiere)
Salve Regina (modern premiere)
Ave maris stella
Ave Maria
Ave maris stella
Ave Maria
Pierre Villette
Hymne à la vierge
Neil Wright
Ave Maria (world premiere)


Jeremy Summerly

The Bevan Family Consort came together in 2015 in order to continue a family tradition begun by Roger Bevan in the 1970s. His 14 children, known to the public as the Bevan Family Choir, toured Europe during the ‘70s and were featured in the HTV West documentary Harmony at Parsonage Farm in 1980. They attracted interest partly because of the size of the family, but mostly because of their musicality, with every member of Roger and his wife Cecilia’s family being in some way musical or possessed of considerable musical talent. Of course, being Roman Catholic, their performances of liturgical music also carried a religious awareness that is often lacking in other concert ensembles, and this also contributed to the public’s interest and curiosity. In 2013, after a hiatus of several decades, the Bevan Family Choir was revived for a concert at St John’s Catholic Church, Bath, and for another at Downside Abbey in 2014, where they helped to raise funds to repair the Abbey roof. These two concerts saw the introduction to the choir of Roger Bevan’s grandchildren, all first cousins, and it was from here that the idea for a cousins’ choir grew into a reality.

They performed without their parents’ generation for the first time in March 2016 at Our Most Holy Redeemer and St Thomas More, Chelsea, the family’s spiritual home, where David Bevan Snr has been Director of Music for more than 30 years. The family also has a long connection with Holy Trinity Sloane Square, as the cousins’ great-great-grandfather was rector there from 1895.

The programme will be based around the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (8 September), and contains lesser known and newly discovered polyphony from the Renaissance as well as masterpieces of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

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